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Colegio necali started as kindergarden

Colegio Necali was founded in 1940 as a kindergarten. The school later because one of the first bilingual school in the area, and in 1963 we moved from central Monterrey to San Pedro Garza García.

Since our founding, the teachers and directors of Colegio Necali have always believed that teaching must be grounded in kindness while instilling a sense of personal responsibility along with the courage to face whatever challenges may arise both now and in the future. Our mission and our unwavering commitment are based on these principles and all that we do for every child is done with these qualities of character guiding us.

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Children learn to be happy from their parents.

At Colegio Necali the development of our students is integral to the development of their parents and families.

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“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children”.
Nelson Mandela

What we do.


The care and safety of the little ones in Nursery School are paramount in our planning and everyday work with children at this level. Necali teachers receive extensive training in child care as well as in instructional techniques that will, over time. help  children develop a basic understanding of the skills necessary for academic achievement and social maturity in the later years of preschool, elementary, and middle school. While it can be a stressful experience for parents to leave children so young in a new school setting, rest assured that the Necali staff will maintain necessary and appropriate communication with parents regarding whatever need may arise throughout each school day.


Likewise in Preschool, the challenging grade-level appropriate curriculum and newly renovated school facilities will enable every toddler to meet new friends, new kind and caring teachers, and to grow both academically and socially. These are critical years that will ultimately determine the ease with which children are able to advance in elementary, middle school, and eventually in high school. Necali Preschool teachers are prepared to meet this challenge.

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