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Because Colegio Necali will become your child’s second home, our teachers from Nursery to Preschool make certain every child receives the best possible care and attention to every need.

Elementary School

Many educators believe that grades one to six are the most important years of a child’s academic experience. Our school ensures that all elementary students have challenging learning opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment

Middle School

With a skills-based and academically intense STEM, humanities, and trilingual curriculum in grades seven to nine, Necali graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for admission to some of the most prestigious high schools of Nuevo León.

State-of-the-art laboratories, workshops, and libraries are available for student-based learning activities that ensure Necali students are up-t o-date and competitive with current technology and other tools for academic excellence.

What makes us different?

Colegio Necali is an institution with 80 years of experience in educating children from prekindergarten to middle school. As one of the first bilingual schools in the greater Monterrey area, our teachers and directors are knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed to your child’s academic, social, and emotional well-being.

Personalized Attention
Colegio Necali has developed a follow-up program for every student so that parents can track their child’s academic achievement and social maturity in a comprehensive manner.
Languages of the world
Our academic programs are 100% bilingual. Plus we offer an opportunity to learn a third language.
Online resources and a variety of advanced technology platforms provide support for more student-centered learning in specific subject areas and they enable more effective classroom teaching
Soft Skills Program
Our students learn in a healthy space where their values, emotions, and ideas are recognized and appreciated.
World Class Facilities
New bioclimatic facilities are equipped with extensively outfitted science laboratories so that students can learn in laboratories and classrooms with advanced technology resources.
Exceptionally Well Qualified Staff
Colegio Necali is committed to continuous training and subject-specific improvement for all of our teachers and administrative staff

Colegio Necali is now an active member of Atlant Global Schools Group, which is dedicated to providing high quality and innovative education initiatives all over the world. As part of our commitment to global education in Monterrey, the school has undertaken an extensive renovation project that will result in new facilities as well as the installation of new technology to meet the ever-changing needs of students and teachers.

“I'm always concerned about the learning process of my students. As they progress toward graduation and move on to high school, I try to make certain they have the best tools I can give them.”

Benjamin Sanchez

Mathematics Teacher (Middle School)

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    Teachers at Colegio Necali are not only well prepared academically but they are also kind and sensitive to every child’s individual needs. Their goal is to make certain your child learns in a loving and caring environment.

    As a school committed to STEM development along with trilingual language learning, social studies, and the arts, we believe that strategic thinking, decision making, and creative expression are integral for students to achieve their maximum potential.

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